How Much Do Writers Make?

How Much Do Writers Make
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Some writers make enough money to write one book and disappear into a life of dream-to-reality which only riches can bring. Some writers spend their entire lives writing and never earn enough to pay their rent on time.

Freelance writing may come with certain pay averages, but many writers undervalue their services. This creates competition when seeking work from companies just starting out. 

After all, everyone is looking to maximize their value and if you don’t know what you’re worth, no one will pay you anywhere near your actual value.

We’ve compiled a selection of insights that should have you determine what the average writer makes for any given work. Remember, these estimates can vary greatly depending upon the skill of the writer, and the perceived worth to a company or brand.

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Rates for a New Writer

Rates for a New Writer

A writer new to copywriting or general online content who secures 10 articles a week at an average of $10 will, of course, earn $100 before fees for the week. Assuming a 20% service fee when working through a freelancing platform such as UpWork or Freelancer, you’ll walk away with $320 for the month. Now, this may seem enticing but doing the work consistently is what sets a full-time writer apart from other freelancers.

Not all writers will start off at this average. You may only end up securing one or two customers at first. Three articles a week will help keep you going but it won’t pay the bills. Dedication is needed to breach the introductory phase whereby a new writer establishes a public portfolio which is attractive to employers.

Other Entry Level Options

Article rewriting and data entry/data capturing are all viable options for those who wish to get a feel for the industry and practice. Rewrites can often go so quickly that they’re a viable supplementary income to first-language writers with a relatively high degree of proficiency and talent. One can even earn a good full-time income if you do rewrites exclusively in bulk.

Article rewriting comes at varying rates, but you can expect a bare minimum of $0.004 per word. This puts 500-word articles at $2 each. The most you can expect to earn from a high-quality rewrite is around $0.03 per word or $17 per 500-word article.

Fixed Working Hours

Certain online employers require remote workers such as writers, designs and virtual assistants, who are available exclusively. Lucrative packages are often available to proven writers with good portfolios.

A staff position brings a lot of job security but limits your other freelancing efforts. Some companies even have policies against completely “moonlighting.” Fixed-price fixed-hour writing online is a great option for people living in countries with developing economies.

The high exchange rate often guarantees a writer a far higher salary than they could ever hope to earn locally. If an online salary doubles or triples the best desk job you could see yourself in, give this career direction a sincere consideration.

Alternatives to Freelancing Platforms

There are writers who will never sell their services through a third-party service. Some swear by the practice of direct marketing and building a personal profile for your writing services.

Writers can employ both practices to give their freelance career the kick-start that it needs. If you are direct marketing, research as much as you can about the company or brand before you send off your pitch. Never allow refusals to deter your efforts.

Every writer will encounter refusals, rejections, corrections and adjustments throughout the full extent of their career. It is what helps you adapt and grow. Without honing your skill and all the parts of procuring work, your writing would never be worth anything more than its meager starting value.

Alternatives to Freelancing Platforms

Estimate the value which your writing gives to a business or enterprise and compare your estimate to industry averages. Apply with this figure in mind.

Including pricing with your pitch is a great idea for discounted promotional services for introductory orders. Always manually type every pitch. Don’t use a template to pitch to customers. It is cold and uninviting and will drastically reduce your conversion rate. Set yourself a quota for the day or week and email, phone, or reach out via social media according to a fixed schedule.

Keep at it and you’re bound to build a client base slowly but surely. Who knows, you may be good enough to land a massive customer right off the bat. Another option is the instant access to high paying writing work offered to freelancers from all countries by Writing Jobs Online. With such a broad database of premier listings, you can’t go wrong.

Finding Your Worth

You make as much as you charge and you charge as much as you are worth. If the two don’t add up, people won’t carry on hiring you. You’ll struggle to sustain an income as a writer. Always evaluate your pitch and pricing if you are having trouble finding writing work in the first place.

There is nothing wrong with working beneath your actual value to establish a presence. The only danger is complacency.

You’re not doing anyone any favors by undervaluing yourself and stifling productivity and creativity. Successful writers will always make regular evaluations of their own ability and earnings.

Writing is a profession whereby one can experience rapid growth in skill. If your writing is better it is most likely worth more. Never allow yourself to be lulled into the falsehood that there is a lack of work out there. Content is king and will always be in demand.

The Sky is the Limit

Publisher’s Weekly listed Michael Wolff’s “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” as the best-seller of 2018. In the first two days that it hit shelves, 29,000 hardcovers were sold at $30 each. That’s $ 870,000 between day one and two. estimates the total revenue of this bestseller at $7.42 million which Wolff took 15%. That’s a cool $1.11 million for one book. Yet, it can take a lifetime to get published.

Writers need to be proactive about their marketing and exposure, always adapting to best match what resonates with their audience. Dedicated writers may end up earning a significant chunk of the publishing industry’s $143bn global book market value.

One of the best ways to seal yourself the highest paying writing jobs is to turn to the services of Writing Jobs Online. Within just days, new writers have found such success that many switch to a full-time career freelancing.

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