How to Get a Job as Freelance Writer

How to Get a Job as Freelance Writer
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Getting a job as a freelance writer depends largely on how you want to work and what type of writer you’re developing towards. Regardless of how you go about getting your work – freelancing platform or direct marketing, writers need to adhere to the highest quality standards to guarantee the best chances of getting the job.

After all, competition is always high within the world of writing. A commonly used adage is that content is king. Well, if you know how to present your content as the most valuable asset available to an employer, you’ll be able to secure any writing job. For an even easier route to success, give the prime job placements available on Writing Jobs Online a try.

There are opportunities for writers from any country which only a select number of applicants have access to. Writing is about growth and you will always have to improve both the quality of your work and the quality of your pitch. Keep these tips in mind and you’ll always know how to get a job as a freelance writer no matter what you write.

Display Your Value and Exude Confidence

Display Your Value and Exude Confidence

All statements concerning yourself and your skills need to reinforce a positive, capable self-image. Don’t be vague. Never convey uncertainty. There is no need to embellish.

Every job application or project tender needs to be honest but honesty does not include anything that could cast a shadow on you as a brand. Make sure that your applications are direct, to the point, and free from unnecessary information.

It’s a Job Application, Not a Resume

Your job applications, whether it’s via a third party or directly to the customer, only need info relevant to the posting. You already have a public portfolio which can showcase your plethora of work, job history, endorsements from external clients, and your ‘I’m the best’ skill list. Direct customers to a portfolio if any is hosted separate of your application but don’t do more than simply provide a link.

Speak directly to the employer using concise language, brief statements, and confidence. You don’t need to reference anything that isn’t directly related to the job at hand. All relevant information should be concisely summed up. Prospective employers will be sifting through tons of applications and immediately need to see that you’re productive and capable. Don’t leave room for ambiguity or the mind to wander.

Take the Time to Custom Write Your Proposals

When you are communicating with a prospective client, apply sincerely. Your job/project applications need to be unique and directly relevant to the posting. An employer can see a cookie-cutter job application a mile away and this will severely knock your chances of landing good jobs.

You always want to motivate your application with motivation as to why you are the best fit for the client’s needs. Proposals to exclusive, high-end customers are even more important than those would you would consider being your stable income. Always put extra care into proposal even those approached through a leading solution like Writing Jobs Online.

Proofread Everything Aloud

Proofread Everything Aloud

Any mistakes, even those which affect the readability and flow, are a huge no-no when applying for writing work; you need to ooze excellence in every way. Grammar and spellcheck your application before sending it off. Read all communications out loud to make sure that they’re the best reflection of your skill as a wordsmith. Little improvements go a long way. You’re the best writer for the job. Show it.

Attach Relevant Examples

Prospective employers aren’t interested in content which doesn’t directly match their niche, voice, and brand. Take the time to carefully contemplate what work you can use to best showcase your synergy with a project or job. Direct relevance needs to be exhibited.

Entertainment writing covering popular television shows is definitely not the same thing as celebrity gossip. High school essays and top lists are not the same as a discourse for a technical audience. Stay relevant and curate your examples beforehand according to your focus as a writer.

Add Live Links to Your Application

A live link to a personal blog or even better – a featured article carrying a reference to your name on a high authority site – is gold to a writer. Your published work is the best testimony you could hope for.

If an employer Googles your name or pen name and they’re presented with an extensive list of live links, the job’s almost guaranteed. Including links to published writing relevant to the posting, project or job will put you on shortlist and vastly improve your chances of being hired.

Improve Your Portfolio

Every single portfolio can be improved. Whether it’s a visual or stylistic improvement, linguistics or readability upgrade, you can always present yourself better. This is true no matter how proficient you are. In the work publicly available for all to see, the clearer the picture of your passion, devotion, and skill as a writer, the greater are your chances of landing a job.

If you find yourself struggling to pick up a particular style of writing, then custom craft unbeatable examples to include in your portfolio. Blog them or pretty them up into a PDF which screams style and classy presentation.

Read your public profile and ask others to give feedback. Unbiased opinions from random people rather than friends and family can go a long way towards supplying you with useful improvements.

Make Your Examples Marketable

Your examples need to be an exhibit of the full scope of the value that you can provide to a potential employer. Make sure that they’re current to today’s demands and that the audience you hope to write for is matched by the voice and tone of your work.

An outside opinion often reveals aspects of style which are obliviously overlooked. Compare your copy or article to that present on competitors’ products, sites, services, marketing or merchandise.  Your writing must exude originality but deliver a familiar feeling to the reader. The more marketable your examples, the higher your chances of landing a great freelance writing job.

Dedication is the Key

When you work hard and stay motivated it shows in your work. A successful freelance writer is a writer who treats the job with the same respect it deserves. What other professions can land you the earning potential of unlimited financial freedom from the comfort of your home?

Keep pushing and stay writing, never allowing anything to deter you. Once a freelance writer finds their balance, steady growth and easy cruising are the way forward.

Those who are serious about earning money as a freelance writer should consider using the leading writing jobs available on Writing Jobs Online. Backed by countless testimonials and exhibiting a proven record of success, this is one of the best ways to give yourself an advantage as a writer.

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