How to Make Money as Freelance Writer

How to Make Money as Freelance Writer
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Freelance writing is an industry that is forever lucrative but given the vast number of people that try to earn a living with language, some could find it hard to get started.

Making money is not a possibility but a potentiality if you work hard and work smart.

Here we’ll be taking you through steps you can take to increase the amount of money that you make as a freelance writer.


If you find that you have an affinity for a particular style of writing then focus on it. Similarly, if you can bring any related passion to your work as a writer, your specialization will reflect your enthusiasm.

One of the best ways to increase the amount of money that you make as a writer is to specialize. If you like writing listicles or gift wrap-ups from Pinterest then stick to it and build a stunning portfolio. Don’t let a lack of work stop you from writing.

Diversify Your Availability

There are tons of ways to bolster up business.  Writing Jobs Online gives you a proven way to kick-start your earnings online. Writing in all industries are in constant demand. If there is any area of your trade which you wish to capitalize on, then write something whether you’re getting paid for it or not.

Original articles written out of passion are a fantastic showcase of your abilities. When you send customers to a portfolio which is filled which endless examples of specialized work it creates the impression you need to seal the job.

Diversify Your Availability

If you are a freelance writer who works exclusively through freelancing platforms then take the time to register and promote yourself on multiple platforms. For example, working UpWork alone may be great for a start but once you’ve learned how to build a solid profile carry this across to other networks like Freelancer and PeoplePerHour; there are many to choose from.

Many writers refuse to work through freelancing gateways and prefer direct marketing of a personal range of services over anything else. If this is you then the same rule applies. Promote, promote, promote.

Diversify to marketing channels which you wouldn’t normally use to vastly grow your exposure. Never overlook the value of communities in networking and the search for prospective leads.

Regular posting to communities such as LinkedIn, HubSpot, and other free blogging platforms like Medium are a great way to build a presence and an audience. The more people who recognize your work, the higher the chances of success when performing a direct outreach campaign via social media, email, direct contact or phone.

Improve Your Examples

The importance of a captivating portfolio which instantly demands attention cannot be overstated. Your portfolio includes each and every part of your correspondence with your client. Simple, plainly formatted documents simply don’t cut it. If you’re going to be attaching a few examples of your work take the time to make them as attractive as possible.

Go the whole nine yards and include eye-catching graphics, resourceful authority links, summaries and cover pages which clarify your intent. Think of your proposal to a customer in the same sense that you would an interview. First impressions are often lasting and you need to deliver an impactful portfolio in every way.

Make Your Examples Relevant

Always make sure that you apply for new projects using highly relevant examples only. Someone looking for a writer to cover acupressure is not going to be interested in your ‘top ten cures for stomach ache’ article. This example shows yet again why specialization is so important.

By the time you are an established writer, you will most likely have every example under-the-sun available in your completed folder. This doesn’t mean that you should share all your work but developing it according to a fixed specialization does increase the amount of work that you have to attest to your capabilities in any given field.

Make Your Examples Relevant

If an animal lover with extensive veterinary experienced wished to begin earning more for their content it would take medically sound articles which can be verified for accuracy by any qualified authority to begin tendering for work which would slowly build a solid suited portfolio.

 A writer should never stop writing. The more original, intriguing work which you have to promote yourself, the more success you will attain in that direction.

Revamp Your Portfolio and Buy a Domain

The least that you can do every few months is look at your own public profile and any portfolios through the eyes of a prospective employer. You’ll be quite surprised at just how quickly your winning copy becomes old.

Unless you’re willing to work at constant portfolio upgrades and deal with competitive markets, a service such as Writing Jobs Online becomes invaluable. As a writer improves, so must their portfolio.

A great way to fortify your position online and deliver job pitches worthy of earning you a much higher rate is to buy your own domain to serve as a personal portfolio. Dedicated professionals can go a step further and begin blogging in a particular niche that showcases their ability, passion, and is fueled by the very interest in the subject itself.

Applying for a high-paying job among many other freelancers and/or industry professionals vying for the same job requires as much attention to detail as you can put in. Add a link to your private homepage and live portfolio, and a link to your blog, along with your stunning relevant examples and perhaps a few live links where you post or blog, and any job is as good yours.

Research Your Vertical and Price Your Services Right

Just because you have been writing at a particular rate for a very long time, that doesn’t mean that you’re necessarily working at the right rate. Always research competitive costs from other writers. Compare the value supplied by leading professionals at the rate that they charge for magazines and TV, to industry averages and salary scales from other independent writers.

Where you live in the world has very little influence on how much you make as a writer. Your writing needs to be priced according to its worth to advertisers in terms of not only grammatic excellence and originality, but the worth which it gives to the reader and the underlying style exhibited.

Just Write

The only way to make money as a writer is to keep writing. There are no gap days. No holidays. Writing is a passion and content is the product of love. Write something every day. If you’re stuck for leads, give Writing Jobs Online a try. You won’t be sorry. The listings which you’re given access to have totally transformed the earnings and lives of many writers.

Whether it’s a poem or prose or a part of your new, revamped public portfolio, it doesn’t matter. Write with a plan in mind and an open mind. Success is guaranteed if you persevere. Practice makes perfect and attaining what you’re worth is an experience all on its own.

Let creativity lead the journey but back it up with strategy, research and pure passion. Eventually you’ll be able to make as much money as you can fit into your schedule!  Just write and everything will be alright.

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