How to Start Freelance Writing

How to Start Freelance Writing
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Freelance writing is an extremely rewarding profession which delivers endless inspiration and ample room for growth. The hardest part of writing is getting started. The same can be said for articles when you’re established and building your very first online portfolio.

We’ve put together some of the best tips to keep in mind in starting your freelance writing career. Put all of your love and dedication into your writing and the work will reward you with new earning opportunities and an endless outlet for creativity.

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Learn as Much as You Can

Information is easily one of the most valuable assets that any aspiring writer has. Learn what search engine optimization is as it is the backbone of all online writing. Directly or indirectly, SEO principles will help you be a better writer.

The same can be said for all academic resources. The more you understand your language, its nuances, rules and the reasons for them, the better the flow and fluency of your expression.

Learn as Much as You Can

Don’t allow a software tool or website to correct grammatical errors. Understand the reason that you made the mistake in the first place. Stay up to date with current marketing techniques, writing trends, and current rates. A writer must remain informed regarding all leading practices so that they have the best value to offer.

Build a Solid Selection of Example Articles

The first step for any writer is to amass a selection of good articles to act as examples. Your portfolio must showcase the work you are good at and the flexibility of your skillset. A biography is the first place that you’ll need to put your attention. Make sure that your writer bio is not a mundane rehash of what you can do and how good you are.

Regardless of whether it’s on your ‘about me’ page or on your freelancer profile, your writer bio needs to ooze personality. It must make you stand out as a unique talented freelancer. Personality turns you into a person instead of just another candidate.

Establish an Online Presence

Decide whether you’re going to be writer under your own name (it’s much easier) or a pen name. Build a brand around your online persona. Expand your presence to include profiles on all freelancing sites where writing is in high demand.

Don’t be limited to just one or two profiles, especially at the start. Once you are familiar with finding freelance writing online, you’ll be able to begin focusing on the places where your strengths lie. Some writers will always find better results on a particular platform. You need to find yours so that you can grow your reach and identity.

Analyze Your Own Performance

Just because a certain type of writing pays better and interests you more, this doesn’t mean that it’ll make you the most money. Analyze your performance and determine which style of writing you are most productive at. The stress of trying to cope financially while gunning a particular genre or niche in hopes of earning enough to live is not worth it.

You need to strike a balance between what pays the bills (productive writing tasks) and what keeps you driven. There is nothing wrong with taking on writing which you love (which is normally writing that takes you longer) every now and then. Unless you can write at a good pace with outstanding quality, don’t try to make any particular style a primary earner.

Analyze Your Own Performance

Pitch, Pitch, Pitch

Decide how you are going to start marketing yourself and stick to it. Direct emailing? Set a quota and mail off a custom-crafted proposal like they’ve never seen before. Got your eye glued to a freelancing site like UpWork, TopTal or Freelancer? Apply all of your credits. Just don’t sell yourself short and build an undervalued profile. You need to use every opportunity at your disposal to expand your reach and presence.

Once your portfolio reflects a history of high-quality work, your results speak for themselves. Repeated applications to numerous prospective clients turn into cherry-picking your work when you’re good enough and your portfolio proves it.

Consider Once-Off Writing at a Reduced Rate

One of the best ways to build a live portfolio is to take on work at a reduced rate. The only danger that this comes with is that you can’t accept long-term contracts which pay peanuts. No one can sustain poor pay forever.

Yet, careful searching will reveal potential employers who are more than willing to supply you with a stunning review if you provide them with a high-quality article at a reduced price. This is especially valuable because every employer will leave actual commentary on your writing service.

Most resort to a star-rating by-default without considering the value of having something to say. Even seasoned writers will find great value in taking on a project or two for a favorable review when they’ve got time in their schedule. The only way to avoid having to write at below your worth is to employ the assistance of select job marketplace like Writing Jobs Online.

With lucrative opportunities only and a select number of freelancers, higher rates are much more likely.

Keep Your Customers Happy

New writers enter the industry and are determined that they are the best. This is the right attitude to hold; however, don’t let it blind you from your long-term goals and aspirations. Your feedback is visible to the public most of the time.

Keeping a difficult customer happy may cost you unnecessary time and effort but this is well worth the positive feedback you’ll end up with on your live portfolio. Even if you have to complete a job or two first in order to end an employment situation peacefully and favorably, it is worth it. Your profile and portfolio are your most valuable asset. You must keep your customers happy at all costs.

Ever-Evolving Writing

As with any creative professional, writing is forever challenging but when you find your balance there are few other outlets which reward as well. From the scope of becoming a novelist to screenwriting, high-paying feature articles for leading magazines, and even a steady-relaxed stream of money while you do other things that you love are all possible.

Put your love on paper, stick to it and always strive to improve. Freelance writing is a career choice you won’t turn back on, especially if you jump-start your earnings by joining a leading marketplace like Writing Jobs Online.

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